Only Main file runs
mishram1271 (0)

When I add any file on my repl, it does not run. only the main file runs. Please can any one help on this

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heyitsmarcus (290)

@mishram1271 As @ash15khng said, you have to use import <filename> where <filename> in this case is Task3.

So, if you wanted Hello World to print at the beginning, your code in the main file would be:

import Task3

st = "1GOAL9"
l = len(st)
st1 = ""
for i in range(0,l):
  e = st[i]
  if (e >='a' and e<='z'):
    st1 = st1 + e
  if (e >='A' and e<='Z'):
    st1 = st1 + e + e
  if (e >='0' and e<='9'):
    st1 = st1 + "#"