PYTHON 3, how to send simple messages
JudeBenham (0)

I'm am quite new to Python and I would like to know how to make a simple 1 to 1 message system from scratch.
I am not very advanced with Python

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JustARatherRidi (191)

Honestly, if you're new to python, it won't be quite as easy as the things you've done so far, but you definitely can do it if you have the motivation to.

Making something like this depends on a lot of things really, and there's no 'one right way to do it'. Do you plan on running it here on Are you thinking of making it a terminal app or a website with a GUI and such?

You can the tutorial that @heyitsmarcus mentioned, and there are quite a lot of tutorials online that will help you do something like this. How I would go about doing this would be something like this:

  • Have a rough idea of what you want to make
  • Keep googling till you find something close to what you have in mind.
  • See if you know all the prerequisites to the tutorial, and if you don't understand something, google that and if google won't help either, ask for help.

Good luck!