How would I go about bypassing webfilters to access Restricted educational sites?
PastaManno (1)

Despite my best efforts, my school system- GoGuardian- does not know how to tell educational sites from malicious and or fake game websites like coolmaths. In turn, this leads it to block almost every site I go to. I would like to bypass this restriction and/ or remove goguardian altogether via coding. But the problem is, I'm a less than novice coder that needs help every ten seconds. Which is why i'm asking here. Is there a way?

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Answered by JordanDixon1 (350) [earned 5 cycles]
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JordanDixon1 (350)

@PastaManno Is inspect element blocked? Can you right click and then click inspect element? If so then click three dots in the right hand corner. Click more tools and then click extensions. right click and inspect the page. do ctrl + f and find the word "hidden" and change it to "shown". Now click on background page for the extension and do what I said on the chrome://inspect