dear coder100 and codingcactus

i don't know other as i haven't met all of you but @Coder100 and @CodingCactus both of you have helped me various times.I just wanna ask you both that what is the source by which you study about coding and how you know about various languages.Do you study in a school/college . please tell me these answers
@Coder100 and @CodingCactus.

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CodingCactus (4116)

@PattanAhmed yes you can say it, but not in your initial comment! Especially when most of the time your answer is pretty terrible but because you are begging for it to be marked as the answer, they just mark it as the answer. The only reason ever why that phrase should be spoken is if you have answered a question and the person that asked the question has said that it was correct but forgets to mark it as the answer.