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Persisting Snapshot/Snapshot done message
lyonsstephen (0)

Every time I make an edit to my code in python, it outputs something on the side of my screen saying "Persisting Snapshot" and then "Snapshot done", and it's driving me up the wall. Does anyone have a fix? Very useless and annoying feature.

Geocube101 (591)

Do you have the repl?

lyonsstephen (0)

@Geocube101 it happens on all of my repls, hence my frustration but here's a picture example

Geocube101 (591)

As @Vandesm14 pointed out, apparently being an explorer causes this (as I just switched on the explorer role to be greeted with your problem)
The messages update every time the code is saved

lyonsstephen (0)

@Geocube101 @Vandesm14 just disabled explorer. Thank you guys so much for the help. That’s gonna save me from punching a hole through my screen 😂

Vandesm14 (2256)

Are you an explorer?