Phony and Makefile.
IzanLarumbe (33)

Hi guys, so i have seen chromiun browser working on replit (GFX introduction at the blog) and i saw that there's a function named "run" and then down there appears chromiun-browser -- no-sandbox or something.

I would like a list of programs that work on makefile :3 (SInce it looks like a good emulator)

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Answered by SPQR (520) [earned 5 cycles]
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SPQR (520)

@IzanLarumbe Yeah. sudo apt-get just means to install the package in question as root, aka superuser (hence the su in sudo.) Since we don't have root access as average users, we use install-pkg to temporarily install the package in a subdirectory for the time that the program is running. That's why the program takes so long to start up every time, it's because it's reinstalling firefox every time the program is run.

But to answer your question, in general, yes, it would work. You might have to find it in the directory in which it's installed to run it, though.