Plagiarism in Class Assignments
JoshMassey1 (3)

I used Repl classes for the first time this year, and I must say that this is tool is GREAT!
One question: I have a few students who have a tendency to share solutions with one another and copy from popular websites like Stack Overflow. Is there functionality here to compare submissions for plagiarism?

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Answered by Kognise (227) [earned 5 cycles]
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heyitsmarcus (287)

@Kognise You can "technically" block copy and pasting on an HTML page. But, since you can't lock a user out of support for copy and paste totally, any savvy student will be able to bypass these restrictions pretty easily. I think everyone teaches the Dev Tools to everyone who's learning

Restricting functionality is not the best solution, though. You'd want to be able to check purportedly plagiarized entries against known solutions for the algorithm. Then, I'd do a confidence score based off of how much of the entry was the same as each known solution and if any over a certain threshold (say 90% match or better), question the student on their entry. There 's no automatic solution, since simpler algorithms would have a much higher confidence threshold of being copied as you can only write something in a limited amount of ways.