Please check this problem, keep getting failed message. Thanks
KevinWang19 (0)

// In this exercise, you will be given a variable, it will be called: age
// You are also given another variable called: typeOfLicense;
// Using an if/else if/else statement assign typeOfLicense to:
// 'Full License' if age is greater than or equal to 16,
// 'Permit' if age is equal to 15,
// 'None' if age is less than 15

if (age >= 16){
typeOfLicense = 'Full License';
} else if (age = 15){
typeOfLicense = 'Permit';
} else if (age < 15){
typeOfLicense = 'None';

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vedprad1 (732)

@KevinWang19 : Great! Could you please mark my answer as correct? Thanks!