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Plz Join !
siddharth200 (2)

hey guys I am making a game (no graphics) and i want to do it as a multiplayer repl so can u guys plz help me ? anyone can join - just if ur thinking that you will join this repl and erase everything then plz dont however i will be easily able to reverse that 😡😡

it is a very simple game that we'r gonna make .... so begginers in python can also join ....☺☺

We will be starting when we have at least 3 people including me ...

plz join !

tussiez (867)

This isn't a coding question.. anyways good luck!

SudhanshuMishra (66)

@tussiez ohk =| plz dont ban me again ...

LuckyOreos (186)

im going to join im good at python and im good at what you want to do

LuckyOreos (186)

@SudhanshuMishra also I’m not a dude (GIRL) just look at my profile name and you’ve got to be more particular with what you mean while saying where are u

SudhanshuMishra (66)

@DarthVader29 huh ? my appologies ...🙄🙄

siddharth200 (2)

I am very bad at making stories :(