Possible Repl Talk (Ask) Solution
Vandesm14 (2256)

I've seen tons of posts on the site without repl links. These posts stay unanswered with no activity after the canned response "Please post the link to your repl". My solution is either to have some sort of validation, or have a tag next to the post confirming the user has their repl link in the post. This will make going though posts a lot easier: the ones without a link will not have a tag, and the ones with a repl link will have a tag. This would maybe less "spammy" by doing the opposite: tag on ones WITHOUT a repl link.

Just a ease of tension for the posts without a link (and no future responses)

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Scoder12 (653)

You should put this on the Repl.it Feedback board. That's where the admins will see it. Also I think on ask they should have the repl embedded like other posts. Maybe a repl link could be required.

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