Printing Integrers
IzanLarumbe (28)

How can i print integers??

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Answered by ash15khng (393) [earned 5 cycles]
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IzanLarumbe (28)

Also in the line that says

Votantes = Votantes+20

is now:

Votantes = +20
mwilki7 (283)

You want Votantes to have the positive number 20?

IzanLarumbe (28)

@mwilki7 No, i want it to add 20 to the actual value, for example if you have 0 then i want the variable to have 20 so i do +20

and then if you have 20 and you get 20 more so you can have 40

Also i need to know how to print them. Cause it says it has to be a string.

mwilki7 (283)

@IzanLarumbe I'm not sure why adding to the variable is giving you an error but you can concatenate stuff together .. for printing:

print("Votantes:" .. Votantes)
mwilki7 (283)

@theangryepicbanana Oh I thought this was lua
should have looked at the pictures lol

IzanLarumbe (28)

@mwilki7 Ya i also code in lua, i dont have problems in it. Is ez