Problems in Copy and Pasting String using Pyperclip Module in
JeetZawab_Ul (2)

I am facing problems in copy and pasting string using the Pyperclip Module in

import pyperclip
pyperclip.copy("I love Python")

It shows an error and there is a navigation link to fix this problem:

But when I try to install PyQt4, it shows error.
And when I try to install gtk package, it shows lots of optons, but I dont know which one to choose?

Looking forward for your kind support in this regard.

Thanking you for your understanding.

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leon332157 (69)

I don't think this will work without a ploygott repl support, since it looks like it require some x11 support.

JeetZawab_Ul (2)

@leon332157 Sorry I did not understand. Can you please explain it more clearly?

ash15khng (397)

@JeetZawab_Ul Basically doesn't seem to support this yet and you may not be able to do this.