Problems with Pygame + Replit on Chromebooks
mvidberg (0)

Hi! My students are attempting to do some simple animations in Pygame using Replit. They are using Chromebooks to do this, which may or may not be relevant. They are running into frequent "Bash" errors. Is this a known problem?

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Yeah your gonna have to give us some more information to let us help you... like archie here said, can you give us a link to the code or tell us what errors are occurring?
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mvidberg (0)

@MATTHEWBECHTEL Here is a screenshot of the error:


Yeah, that isn’t specifically an error... can you show me the link? @mvidberg I can try to figure out what is wrong.

ArchieMaclean (613)

@mvidberg That happens with all pygame repls and is not an actual error. The code should still run fine even with that. Was there anything wrong apart from that?

A link to the repl would be good.


Why did you reply to my comment lol.