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Processing Python
DelormeXavier (1)

i would like to use processing Python with my students on
When i write

from processing import *
def setup():

it doesn't work.

Would it be possible to install processing Python ?

Thank you,

DelormeXavier (1)

Thank you for your answer. But that's a pity. It works on but in trinket, i cannot create a class for students as in
i will look at brython.
But i am disappointed.

kurrycat2004 (10)

Ok, there is a way(bit complicated). You could use the p5.js lib and brython. That would be in python. The sketch would look a bit different but it would be python.

kurrycat2004 (10)

I dont think that its possible cause it creates a window and repl doesnt allow that. You could use the p5.js lib instead but its in js.

kurrycat2004 (10)

@kurrycat2004 Ok i did it. Here is the link to the example repl:
I hope i helped you.

DelormeXavier (1)

@kurrycat2004 Thank you for your help, i will reflect if i can use it with my students in september.