Programming Education
JohnsonTheGreat (27)

When did you first start learning programming/computing? Did you have anybody help you or was it mostly self-taught?

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LardBoi (14)

In my case, I was mainly self-taught. I picked up a few coding books from Books-a-Million and started from there. I did have an after-school pygame teacher for a bit but that was for one school year and didn't learn actual python just pygame. I was really into game development at the time.

I recommend checking out this website the courses are free from my knowledge and I use it to learn python c++ and I'll be starting c# soon. StackOverflow has been the biggest help in my coding life which I'm sure it has for every programmer. I also have an app on my phone that teaches IT basics and computer networking. So it depends on whether you want to call that self-taught or not.

I do recommend spending as much time as you can making anything you can think of in the language you're interested in and just mess around. That's probably the best way to learn any language. Don't follow the basic examples learning to code is to do it in your way.