Programming Education
JohnsonTheGreat (27)

When did you first start learning programming/computing? Did you have anybody help you or was it mostly self-taught?

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timmy_i_chen (962)

I think you'll get a ton of interesting and varied questions from our team. :)

I took a high school course on programming (they taught QBasic back then). Didn't really do any more programming until I got to college, where I made some bots with friends to automate those sites where you play games for points to redeem for prizes. My degree was in teaching math, but after college, I got a job in IT, where I did a lot of scripting in visual basic, just hacking together scripts to generate reports for the company.

Then I got a job in teaching - but teaching CS, not math. There I learned more and more, then finally, during my last year, when I knew I was leaving, I taught myself Node/Express/React/MongoDB through a series of online courses (Wes Bos, Udemy), making half of an app that I've been meaning to make for a while. Most of my learning has been through that method - find something you want to make, then learn the skills needed to make it. You'll learn everything else as it comes.