Python 3/ Secret Keys for everyone
Zertyazertyu (2)

Hello, i'm a newbie on, so I cheked the doc to see how we can hide files (with .env file). It works fine for some projects but now i want to make a kind of console that requests username and password to start (if the guy enters his logins he gets a key to decode the content of other files to read them). My code works.. only for me ! The reason is that .env files are protected for others peoples so i can't really finish my project (it's for a RP game)

Is there any alternatives to .env files ? I want that only the program can read .env files but users can't directly access to it with filetree.

I'm on python 3 but if solutions are only on others languages I can migrate
Sorry for my bad english, I'm french

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Zertyazertyu (2)

@heyitsmarcus Thanks you for your help but the problem is that when somebody launches the program on for example the .env is not imported so i've got the wrong password message (the .env contains SECRET=kok). I need a program that hide the .env or other other file for others but that can be read by the console of no owners users ( know that if the program reads the file, it's imported but this is a game soft not a nasa one so security is not very important while password file is hidden)

But thanks you for your response !