Python 3 - maximum call stack / recursion
masonjargon (8)

Did recently reduce the "maximum call stack" limit? I have a simple code that uses the turtle module and recursively draws triangles inside of triangles... I think it would be considered a "fractal".

The code used to run to completion (a few weeks ago), but now I'm getting a run time error partway through the code:

ExternalError: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded on line 21

My code is at URL:

This is my first question for this community. Please let me know any conventions which I should follow. I did search for news around this item, but did not find any recent updates.

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YaacovIland (2)

@Annvil has created a bug report for this as other users are experiencing the same thing with code that previously worked. You may wish to upvote the bug report by clicking on the up arrow directly to the left of the title: