Python Turtle on iPad
PetraJarebrant1 (4)

I´m a teacher and my students all have iPads. We don´t have any computers in class.
I´m trying to do PythonTurtle with iPads.
I have chosen the Python turtle language.
I do the following but I only get the green window. No turtle and no line.

import turtle
wn = turtle.Screen()
alex = turtle.Turtle()

Is it possible to get this to work on an iPad or should I leave it?
What do I use insted to teach Pythonturtle on iPad?

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mat1 (2867)

Turtle is a bit weird to use since it doesn't work on mobile and it uses an old Python version (2.6).
I'd recommend learning Python, JavaScript, or maybe HTML.
Python is definitely the easiest for beginners since the syntax is very readable and simple.
JavaScript can be very useful for adding functionality for websites but is slightly less readable.
And lastly, if you want to start with something real easy, I'd recommend HTML although it can get boring fast without CSS or JS.
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