Python Turtle using images
MartinOHanlon1 (0)

I wanted to use images with the Python turtle to set the turtle to be a different shape e.g.


Unfortunately I couldnt find a way of adding images to a Python turtle project. Is this something which is supported?

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argthe1st (83)

I don't think so. Why would you want to change the shape of your turtle in the first place?

MartinOHanlon1 (0)

@argthe1st so you can have cool spaceships rather than boring arrows!

You can also use the stamp() method to push a image onto the background.

JohnHunter3 (1)

yeah im pretty sure you'd have to use idle or something to import trying to move one of my turtle projects to repl and since i cant add files (yet) we're probably going to have to use turtle.shape() and turtle.shapesize() to make graphics