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Python or Java
BilalKohistani (2)

In my school, I spent my GCSE's doing python but now in AS we got introduced to java but i don't know whether it was a smart move because python was so much straightforward.

IbraheemRodrigues (86)

You are most likely being taught java to demonstrate the concepts you are being taught, since java is a much lower level language, so slot of the things that come neatly packaged for you in python you have to make yourself, and you can get much better insite into what's actually happening on your CPU. If you have a NEA/coursework project to complete you can usually choose to do it in python java or a flavour of C. From my experience in GCSE CompSci, don't rely on it to teach you software development, for that the best place to learn is on the internet, and if you are looking at a job in software development I'd say that's the best route to take. I've personally never worked on any big projects in java, but have dabbled in it a fair bit.

theangryepicbanana (1651)

Python may be straitforward, but Java will be more helpful when creating applications and whatnot.


Python is easy, going with python would be a good move, but i guess it's more of your choice though.