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Python or not? please any information would do.
bion0 (3)

I am new into the coding. Like new new only started learning 3days ago. is Python a good program to learn? Thank you.

21natzil (1103)

Python is a great language, but choose whatever you want! Each language has it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you like Python, go for it. But if you want to try any other languages, that's perfectly fine too.

OmniShift (12)

There really isnt any 'beginner'-language, though some may be easier to 'comprehend' than others. A good tutorial should guide you through those regardless. Python is just as good a choice to start with as java, javascript, ruby, c++, c#, or any other big language, simply because their popularity means you can find loads and loads of support all over the internet.
The only reason why html+css+javascript would be a slightly better thing to start with is if youre planning to build websites like the ones you browse regularly. But even then, youre not making a wrong choice by starting with any other big language (python included).
The most important thing is that you start with something, anything, thats popular so you have an abundance of people who could help you. Happy coding!

Bloxy_Cola (16)

I think you should start with HTML, CSS & JS

ADoctor (3)

Lots of people go with Python to begin with, and it's relatively easy to understand, with lots of similarities to American English. I would recommend it, but there are also lots of other programming languages, such as JavaScript, C/C++/C#, etc. that are also good to learn.

replitcode (107)

YES! It's a very good choice to go with. the error handling is superb, and the functionality of the language is good for beginners... Most people I know go to Python for their first programming language, and that's because it's an easy choice but with SO many possibilites! I hope you choose what you want! And I bid you good programming!

bion0 (3)

Hi guys,

Thank you soooo much for your feedback. However, I am about to pay almost 2000 euro to take a Python course, would that be a good idea or am about to lose my money? That's a lot of money from my pocket but I really want to change my career into some type of programming because I believe it the future.

HarveyH (144)

If your a beginner, then yes, python is a great language and is easy to understand!

theangryepicbanana (1601)

Regardless of what other people say, you should start with JavaScript. It will help introduce the concepts of programming , and benifit you more in the future than Python will.