Python vs Java
AquaMarine0421 (28)

Hey :) I'm a learner of C/C++ and LOLCODE; I'm nearly finished with both, so I'm thinking of a 'second' (rather, third) language. I'm getting confused of which to learn between Java and Python. People around me say that Java's more useful, while Python is easier to learn. What's your opinion? And why? Leave it below:)

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Pythonier (314)

@SPQR, @eankeen, @Vandesm14: I think we all responded at the exact same time!

Vandesm14 (2166)

@SPQR Yep! After posting my comment, I refreshed it and was surprised at how many people commented that fast!

Pythonier (314)

@Vandesm14 Although I think mine was just a minute before yours and @SPQR