Python vs Java
AquaMarine0421 (29)

Hey :) I'm a learner of C/C++ and LOLCODE; I'm nearly finished with both, so I'm thinking of a 'second' (rather, third) language. I'm getting confused of which to learn between Java and Python. People around me say that Java's more useful, while Python is easier to learn. What's your opinion? And why? Leave it below:)

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@AquaMarine0421 That's what I'd strongly recommend. With C/C++, knowledge of the language grows exponentially as long as you're learning. What i mean by that is, once you've learned the basics, everything else comes much easier and only gets more easy the more you learn. If you can't find a good course for learning the language, that's fine, what I ended up doing after i learned the fundamentals was I started working on more and more complex projects which required me to implement more and more advanced concepts to work properly. When I found something I didn't know, I'd think of a potential solution to a problem, and a quick Google search would usually yield a solution, and reference documentation to learn from. If it doesn't, you can always ask here (or if you're so inclined, ask me personally, my email is in my profile and I like helping)