Python vs Java
AquaMarine0421 (29)

Hey :) I'm a learner of C/C++ and LOLCODE; I'm nearly finished with both, so I'm thinking of a 'second' (rather, third) language. I'm getting confused of which to learn between Java and Python. People around me say that Java's more useful, while Python is easier to learn. What's your opinion? And why? Leave it below:)

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itbarsoum (47)


I recommend Python (3.7 - not 2.7) because of its use in data science. First, python has a simple syntax.

The Zen of Python:

Open a bash terminal
type python3
type import this


Python is a great language to write anything from simple text adventure games to complex ones - all using data collection. In its simplicity, it is the perfect second language (but not a good first language). I recommend learning python from an expert rather than from an online program such as CodeCademy. However, if there is no other way, use CodeCademy.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (NOT JAVA) are always a good trio of second or third languages. They are empowering, allowing you to make websites, style them, and power them. These languages are good to learn from CodeCademy, but also good coming from experts if possible.

It's always good to know as many languages as possible, in any order possible (except with python first)