Python vs Java
AquaMarine0421 (29)

Hey :) I'm a learner of C/C++ and LOLCODE; I'm nearly finished with both, so I'm thinking of a 'second' (rather, third) language. I'm getting confused of which to learn between Java and Python. People around me say that Java's more useful, while Python is easier to learn. What's your opinion? And why? Leave it below:)

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ebest (625)


Really, you are correct about the game thing, without turtle.

Not advertising, it was from someone else. Python gets hard to program when the problem is complicated, but if you're a beginner at coding python would be recommended. But you already know C++/C, so Java is better, as it's more usable.

Unrelated: You really like Scratch, don't you? You're name description made something in my mind click.