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(Question for staff or mods) How hard would it be to add community generated syntax highlighting?
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How hard would it be to allow the community to generate code to highlight specific syntax in the IDE? I think that it'd be quite beneficial, but I could be wrong. I made a big post on feedback talking about and explaining this, but I want to give more people a chance to see this, as most people don't even seem to know that the feedback page exists on here. :P

Again, though, I don't know how hard it would be to implement this, because I have really no idea how works behind the scenes. I do remember either amasad or timchen saying that it was a goal to move sort of towards a more open source type of setup, though. This is open to anyone's feedback, by the way. If this is a horrible idea let me know.

Answered by amasad (2521) [earned 5 cycles]
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amasad (2521)

So here is the deal: This summer we're dedicating a big portion of our energy to opening up the platform for various kinds of contributions:

  1. APIs: Both on the code execution side and the repl creation and multiplayer sides.
  2. Plugins: Allow users to build IDE plugins.
  3. IDE Theming: Allow people to create different themes for the IDE and syntax highlighting. n
  4. Open source: We're open sourcing a big part of our language toolchain so that anyone can improve or add on our interpreter/compiler support.

It's going to be lit.

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@amasad That's awesome! I can't wait! :D

theangryepicbanana (1628)

I'd love for this to happen

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Maka waka paka laka just told me to comment on here....
don't even know what this means.