What does REPL stand for?
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Codemonkey51 (803)

REPL Expects Programming Languages

EDIT idea new variation: REPL Executes Programming Languages

amasad (2493)

@Codemonkey51 woah nice! I should've thought of that

Codemonkey51 (803)

Ye also: Repl stands for rEpl not pePl, repL (Just commented also) @amasad

Codemonkey51 (803)

Look at what I added: REPL Executes Programming Languages its a variation @amasad

Muffinlavania (735)

@Codemonkey51 REPL Executes Purple Lamps
duh thats what it stands for

awesome9 (0)

@Muffinlavania Ryder's Exellent Pups Lie

ZDev1 (366)

@Codemonkey51 check my one!
Run Every Programming Language

ZDev1 (366)

@Codemonkey51 YAY!
When I write it:

AmazingMech2418 (693)

@Codemonkey51 Kind of reminds me of GNU (stands for GNU's Not Unix)...

Codemonkey51 (803)

Ye that's what i was aiming for (wine also) @AmazingMech2418

Lethdev2019 (90)

@Codemonkey51 You have just created a recursive acronym like GNU
"GNU is Not Unix

ironblockhd (232)

Too late but ill post anyways:

Repl Educates Programming Learners :D