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Reference to Online Python Courses?

As @theangryepicbanana suggested for me to start a course since I'm asking a lot of questions, and Python still seems amazing but hard, I've decided to start an Online Python Course. I'm not going to go into details about Python, I'm just going to learn the basics. So sorry for beating around the bush, and sorry for disturbing everyone with my questions.
One last question, does anyone have a good website that teaches Python online for free? Sorry again.


Thanks a lot to everyone who helped! I've copied the links down and I'll use all of them to study for my test. @a5rocks , @theangryepicbanana , @themaka , @zcses , thanks again to all of you!


Codeacademy and Coursera. I know a really good book that you can get the free pdf version of that's honestly really easy to understand. I will post the link​ if you're interested.


@Lanna - one of our regular contributors, @PaoloAmoroso, has created a list of free python books:


TBH, I learn my best from doing, as in I just want to know how to print, get input, and then try seeing what I can make. Anything I need help with I just search on StackOverflow >.<

But, here's two three sites for you (the first lists the second by the way >.<) :


I learned Python from a local coding event, but there is a good Python 2.7 course on codeacademy that's free that you may want to check out