Repl Hacker Plan and Waking Up Repls
cftxp (1)

I'm a new user here at Repl (well, at least I've only really come to appreciate the coding experience on this platform) but, anyway, I would like to know the benefits of taking the Hacker plan. I know that you get more storage space and faster servers but how much storage space do you get with the default free plan and how fast are the servers with the free plan?

I'd also like to know if getting the Hacker plan means that my Repls won't show the "Waking up Repl..." message every single time that it's been a few hours since I last went to it as even my plain PHP application keeps showing the message until I go back to the IDE. I already have a hosting plan with Namecheap, but since I'm still pretty much a beginner with my coding journey on a pretty tight budget, I'd like to make sure that I'd be getting a Hacker plan for the right intent and purposes but, regardless, I see myself building apps on this platform.


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cftxp (1)

Thanks so much @vedprad1 it looks like it works for two of the three projects I have up so far! My portfolio site that I coded up using the React library was the only one that I had to manually wake up, I'm not sure if it might be because I had the monitor to call the HTTPS server every 5 minutes, but I changed it to 15 minutes just in case! I also noticed that uptime was 100% for my PHP app but much less stable for my React app, is it because the React library requires more resources than either a plain PHP or plain JavaScript app or website?