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Repl Not Showing Up On Github...
JimLynch (4)

Hi, I connected this repl to my Github account:

However, it does not appear anywhere on my github account:

It there something broken with the & Github integration? 🤔

Coder100 (3166)

I believe they recently updated it so that it became an app.
In user settings -> connected services -> github
See if it is "connected"
If not, log in and finish the prompt.
NOTE: You can not connect an already made github project to an already made REPL project. Instead, pull from github (the import repo button) and work on it that way.

JimLynch (4)

Thanks @Coder100

My account says it is connected, but I still don't see the repl project at all in Github...

Coder100 (3166)

Let's recreate this.
So you made a REPL, and then you clicked on the git icon, and you clicked on create new repository. Right?

LizFoster (592)

As far as I am aware, it only goes the other way, in that you can only bring github code onto I am not 100% sure, though.

PDanielY (971)

I think GitHub integration is broken because it doesn't allow me to auth my GitHub account.