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Repl Randomly Dies
c4syner (77)

I have a program in python that analyzes the NASDAQ exchange and finds the tickers with the highest beta. It's not very complicated at all, but for some reason, it can never seem to finish. The main issue is the program will randomly end with no error statements whatsoever just the orange carat symbol representing completion. On a side note, the program takes about 45 minutes to an hour to fully complete so if there is a timeout for a repl's run time perhaps I'm hitting it? Any help would be appreciated.

SixBeeps (3514)

You might be hitting some kind of limit, but I've never seen that happen before. My suggestion to you would be to try it out on your local machine to see if that fixes anything, but otherwise I don't think there's really a way to speed up your Repl (it's reliant on a bunch of HTTP requests)

c4syner (77)

Ya, unfortunately, I've got to scrape the data ticker by ticker which slows it down a ton. I'm currently giving it a shot on my workstation.

Coder100 (12436)

yeah, probably because you are running out of memory...

Have you considered getting hacker plan?

c4syner (77)

If it does end up being a memory issue I'd be totally down to purchase the hacker plan, I use repl all the time. However, before I would do that is there anyway I can confirm if I am running out of memory?