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Repl talk
ChandlerMorell (64)

I wonder why Repl talk isn't called "Reply". A perfect opportunity for a play on words.

Answered by DanielSchumache (26) [earned 5 cycles]
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DanielSchumache (26)

Let's start a petition for it!

N1k310d30n (1)

I think, I would be fun just to see how many people vote yes! :)

amasad (1888)

Ha! Never thought of it

ChandlerMorell (64)

@amasad I mean, if you happen to change it, you saw it here first if you know what I'm sayin... Haha.

21natzil (976)

Ha, clever. However I don't think people would understand exactly what it was, simply from that name.

HarveyH (108)

Yeah, I guess you could call this comment a 'reply' to this post!