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PDanielY (980)

Hello, replers I was just wondering if any of you are interested in a desktop app. I know they were working on one but I think they stopped that one. So if you are interested in a desktop app just upvote this (If we get 20 upvotes I will do it). And I will try to convince the creators (which are @amasad and @hayaodeh ) to let me code one and if you guys want to help! I am happy to collab with you!
Also, by the way, I am planning to use Electron!
Look at this post:
Join the support discord server:

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KelvinVerhey (50)

@leon332157 There are much better ways to increase the awareness of the website. Write more tutorials, help answer coding questions, setup more schools/classes. That is something seriously lacking on the site. Help people write better code, provide meaningful answers, and solutions. Help team building on existing projects. There is a tremendous amount of division here. Post snippets of your amazing code on social media. Draw them to the site. Do some mentoring in a school and point kids to the website. Isn't that the primary function of the site, education of the masses? I'm well aware of the infinite potential of open source driving innovation. But what are your projects really offering beyond what this site already offers other than repackaging the site as you mention into a resource hungry engine that bogs down computers? Having a meaningful conversation with a principal, teacher, or even the superintendent of a school board about getting an after school program, or maybe one on lunch hours, or a march break code camp going and using to conduct the classes. I would think that would be far more likely to raise awareness than creating applications of this nature.

A lot of those 3rd party apps for those websites you listed are targeted for scraping data. You are still skirting what was the main issue and is outlined in the TOS of this website, that these apps, like the websites that have those many 3rd party apps you've listed is largely a violation of their TOS.

@AppliDev just keeps shooting down existing projects as not official. That is the main point... regardless of how you package this problem. This isn't either. Your project like you say to others is not official. It's not... and at present like all the other applications is still a violation of the TOS. Could we maybe open a meaningful discussion about how to support the website, grow the community, remove the division, clean up the forums, and get more classes/schools setup? Things that might actual help the website grow? Things that might actually draw people to the community and build it's utility and core features that are already trying to focus on productivity and good reuse of much stronger open source community projects.

Get out there, change the world for the better. There are schools in abundance in the world that don't even have computer labs. How can they reach the website when they don't even have a computer to do that? There are deeper core problems to solve here. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but this website needs help in other ways that are honestly much more productive.

I've heard Tim Chen is leaving according to the discord. A website like this has strong competition. Contributing to VSCode directly affects this website, because they use it as their core engine. Look at the open source projects they use, contribute to those. Open source struggles in general to get developers that have any real knowledge. This website could not exist without it. Think cohesiveness, bringing people together and helping them be as productive as they can be.

There are ways to just change your status in discord without having to write a custom app and repackage the entire website to do it. I'm not shooting down your learning experience, but the app you wrote is a much more convoluted method of accomplishing a goal.