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Replit Module Does not Exist!
HarperframeInc (304)

I am outraged that the replit module does not exist on replit! I cannot belive that their own module does not work on their own website.

I would be happy to know if anybody has an answer to my problem.
Thank you!

Edit: Thanks Keganlandfried for solving my problem!
Solution: Remove other files

ThomasS1 (59)

This should be a fix even with multiple files: replit module fix

Please select this as the answer if it works for you! Hope it does. Thanks!

KeaganLandfried (27)

@HarperframeInc This error occurs when you have a Python project with multiple files, and trying to use the 'replit' module. This module does not work with multiple files and should fix itself if you only have one file.

HarperframeInc (304)

@KeaganLandfried I see, I have an '' file, I will remove it, thank you!

timmy_i_chen (1097)

Sorry about this, it should not be broken - thanks for bringing it to our attention - we're looking into it now.

KeaganLandfried (27)

@timmy_i_chen This is an existing problem, in Python 3, you can not use the 'replit' module AND multiple files.

timmy_i_chen (1097)

@KeaganLandfried Yes, that has always been the case, but only recently has it been buggy for single file programs. :(

pyelias (1561)

That feature has been removed. If you want to clear the console, you can print("\n" * 100) or enable explorer mode and print("\033[2J\033[H").

HarperframeInc (304)

@pyelias This won't work, because I would like the text to appear on the top, not on the bottom, although it is currently my temporary solution.

Thank you for your help! :) (I didn't use the explorer mode solution)