Replit Module Does not Exist!
HarperframeInc (289)

I am outraged that the replit module does not exist on replit! I cannot belive that their own module does not work on their own website.

I would be happy to know if anybody has an answer to my problem.
Thank you!

Edit: Thanks Keganlandfried for solving my problem!
Solution: Remove other files

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pyelias (1484)

That feature has been removed. If you want to clear the console, you can print("\n" * 100) or enable explorer mode and print("\033[2J\033[H").

HarperframeInc (289)

@pyelias This won't work, because I would like the text to appear on the top, not on the bottom, although it is currently my temporary solution.

Thank you for your help! :) (I didn't use the explorer mode solution)