page keeps refreshing while auto saving every 5-8 seconds
Cbanks22 (1)

My pages keep refreshing while saving every 5-8 seconds. I reported this as a bug, and it is so frequent it is not letting me get my work done.
Any suggestions? Do I need to pay for the upgrade?

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HarperframeInc (250)

What Browser are you using? Have you tried any solutions?

Even though Microsoft Edge is supported by, it isn't very friendly and can cause issues. I suggest you install something like Chrome.

Does this happen to every repl? You can change the editor settings to prevent auto-save, but you have to remember to manually save your code.

For a better answer, please try to answer my questions.

Cbanks22 (1)

@HarperframeInc I am using chrome and it happens to every repl I open. Maybe I'll try a different browser, and see how that goes.