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Lanna (40)

@hayaodeh and @themaka , how does it feel to work in
Does it have a headquarters? If so, where? Just felt like knowing.

hayaodeh (195)

Cool profile pic 😉and there is no dumb question. This is actually a great question.

I'll start with if has a headquarters. is a very small team, we're only six people, and our office is in San Francisco, CA. has moved a lot, it was born in Amman, Jordan; then moved to Manhattan NY and at that time it was a side project. But it became a company in Foster city, then we moved it to SF two years ago.

How does it feel to work on
It's very rewarding to build and to work on something that is completely yours, and empowers others so they can empower other people, we build tools for Replers and Replers build programs for others ;) It touches my heart every time we launch a tool or a feature and watch everyone using it and loving it. Giving people the ability to learn and build has been always what I thrive for, and I consider myself very lucky to have that on and to have such a great community here who shares the same goals of ours.

Even Deeper: and I need to mention I'm not a programmer, I'm a designer, so far it has been the best experience in my life to work with super smart people, with a team who is capable to make ideas to become reality. We all share the love for and the community here, and we can't wait to empower you and everyone else even more so that you build what you want, and find a friendly environment to learn.

Lanna (40)

@hayaodeh That's so cool. It must be special to be in a group of six people and still be a huge community. All the contributors here are a blessing to all the people who don't know to code. Hooray to all the workers!!👏🎉🎉👏

hayaodeh (195)

@Lanna <3
Yeh, it's special to have a small team with a big vision and mission of a big impact, it comes with a lot of responsibility. Can you tell me how did you end up here? how do you like and what are you up to?

btw if you are close or around the Bay Area you are more than welcome to visit us!

coderash (285)

@hayaodeh As a really good programmer, I want to ask you If you think is good, me and @galamphin founded it!:):):):):):):):):)

themaka (186)

I am enjoying working in -- it's a challenge, some of the kids working on stuff here are soooo far ahead of me in programming, that it can be tough to help them. I'm learning new things all day every day, which is pretty awesome.

It's also been super-motivating for working on my own stuff.

The community is great (join the discord if you haven't already).

Repl does have an HQ in SF. I visited their previous HQ in SF, but they moved to a new one since I visited. Hoping to see it soon.

I believe all the full-time employees are in San Francisco, but there are a few contractors (like Katya and myself) who work remote.

TheDrone7 (1534)

You should actually ask the second question to @amasad, he's the CEO and founder. I believe the HQ is in SF tho. (Not sure what the full form of SF is but it's a city in the US)

SPQR (563)

@TheDrone7 SF is either San Francisco, in California, or Santa Fe, in New Mexico. It's probably San Francisco though, because only extraterrestrials live in New Mexico.

TheDrone7 (1534)

@SPQR ok I knew about San Fransisco I was just not sure.


Lanna (40)

That's quite amazing. I bet it's nice to work in a programming place. Must be cool.👏👏

NoahJospeh (18)

@Lanna Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to help me make a text based game using python. I would do it myself, but I only know Javascript, and Java. I'm thinking, that I can tell you how the game will go, and you can code it out for me.