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Root password for shell
aksubacct (1)

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what the root password is for the bash shell. Thanks!

21natzil (966) users can't access root, sorry 😓

abc3354 (128)

Actually there is no root password, so no way to access root ;)
If you want some softwares, try polygott and install-pkg

HarperframeInc (247)

@21natzil Makes sense, who knows what we'll do with it?

abc3354 (128)

@HarperframeInc In fact, when you run a repl, you are in a kind of virtual machine, no way to escape it and to break replit ;)

JadenJoner (0)

But what is the password for the user account "runner"

ironweb (0) is hosted in a docker container sotherecould be a way to escape it but most of the exploits have been. Patched im workingona new exploit

SpaghettiSouls (0)

@ironweb sounds like trouble...

p.s. let me know when you find the exploit