Running a file other than the main file for Unit Testing
LeonGrin (12)

I created a test_main.py file to unit test the main.py file. But every time I click "Run", it only runs the main.py file. Is it possible to run a file other than the main file?

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LeonGrin (12)

Hi @timmy_i_chen
I am trying to run a unit testing code from the file test_main.py, as you can see here: https://repl.it/@LeonGrin/Unit-Testing-in-Python-with-Replit
This repl is very simple. I am trying to figure out a way to run unit testing on Repl.it without having to insert all the unit testing code on the main.py file. Do you know how can I do this?
I feel that it might exist a very simple solution to my problem that I am not seeing.