SCHOOL'S OUT! IT'S SUMMER!!! 🌞 What are your summer coding plans?
katyadee (1158)


Do you have any summer coding goals? What are they?

Mine are...

  • get really good at HTML & CSS
  • learn JS
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RyanRana (184)

I still have two more weeks left in my public school! Uuh!

I am super excited to get a lot done in programming, though! My number one goal is to get really good at machine learning with python and build some really cool projects, like face and voice recognition on my own. I also want to finish my current project which doing the iris flower recognition but with no libraries at all!

My second goal is to grow my programming youtube channel. We teach all sort of cool things with software and computers. I have four series that are completed so far,
1.Python Basics
2.Python OOP
3.Python GUI
4.Microsoft Excel Basics
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