Saving Program
MatthewMoore (0)

In the introduction to programming, one of the first steps is to "save your program as first_program.rb". I do not, however, see any options to save and name a program.

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vedprad1 (828) automatically saves your file as main.rb, so you do not need to worry about that.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the name to first_program.rb. This is because has to run the file, not you. In real life, you would right ruby first_program.rb into the console, but you cannot do that on That's why you can only run the file called main.rb.

There is one advantage to this, though. Instead of dealing with the command line, you just have to click run. You have to pay this cost though.

By the way, there is an error in your code. The first line ( should not actually be in your program. Delete that line.

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