LiamBaum (0)

I need this for a class in my middle school (7th grade to be precise).
how do i make an ai that replies using the input you give

Ai: Hello, how are you
Person: Good.
Ai: Im doing good too!

Ai: Hello, how are you
Person: Bad.
Ai: Im sorry to hear that, why aren't you doing good?

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vedprad1 (836)

Are you sure that you are being asked to create an AI for middle school?!
Well I would guess that your school is very advanced, then.

One way to do this is to make a database for different reply possibilities that the client could enter. Then you could run your model through those tests (probably with TensorFlow), and then you could just use simple print() and input() statements to get the actual reply and post the answer.

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AAnonymity (1)

@vedprad1 : Wow, AI in middle school. If only all schools were as advanced as that.

LiamBaum (0)

@vedprad1 i wasn't asked to code but i just wanted to impress my computer arts teacher and start the year off right.

LiamBaum (0)

@vedprad1 is this input for python, im just starting coding so im not really sure.

mattdoan (15)

@LiamBaum Are you asking us to spoonfeed you?