LiamBaum (0)

I need this for a class in my middle school (7th grade to be precise).
how do i make an ai that replies using the input you give

Ai: Hello, how are you
Person: Good.
Ai: Im doing good too!

Ai: Hello, how are you
Person: Bad.
Ai: Im sorry to hear that, why aren't you doing good?

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Masy (26)

This isnt an AI, what your trying is a simple chat bot, AI's are predictive, what your doing is just reading an input and replying based on the input

print("thats good"
print("thats not good")

dont copy that it wont work, thats a rough idea of what you want to do.

Masy (26)

dont mind my synatx im in a AP Math class right now and im trying to answer questions and pay attention