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Scripting for Minecraft
JulianLowe (4)

I was wondering if taking the Java tutorial on is a good choice for learning or if there is another site that may explain it better.

hayaodeh (177)

many people come from Codecademy or khan academy and then when they feel confident enough they choose to come to, so it really depends on your goals and how you feel about it.

Mosrod (325)

If you want to learn the coding aspect, use because most courses only focus on the syntax, if you want to learn more about how programming works, find a YouTube video. Also I would recommend getting a beginner course to Minecraft scripting, because it would leave out the things unnecessary for Minecraft programming, and would save time. If you want to be able to use Java for more stuff, get a detailed java course on or other places.

ddiaz131 (3)

try codeacademy it's free and easy I learned html there

JulianLowe (4)

@ddiaz131 I just got done learning HTML there but I want to learn Script (Java) for Minecraft.

OwenBradstreet (85)

@JulianLowe Minecraft has a lot of its own ways of doing things - you're better off learning from a recent youtube tutorial series than learning Java by itself.
Don't get me wrong, learning Java beforehand will be helpful, but don't expect to know how to make Minecraft mods instantly after - won't even be close.

ddiaz131 (3)

@JulianLowe try getting a book or videos on youtube creating mods for minecraft ain't easy so you will have to know a lot.