JS Assignment 8: Scope and the Return Statement
skudeva (27)

Hi everyone,

I just started learning JS so I am still pretty new at this. I've been struggling with the JS Assignment 8: Scope and the Return Statement (pre-course work) exercise #3. Please if anyone knows the answer explain how do I get it, that'd be highly appreciated!

// Exercise Three:
// Create a function called 'sayMyName'. It will take one parameter. Call this
// parameter 'myName'. Return the phrase "Hello, my name is " and the myName parameter.
// eg: if name is 'Dan' it should return the string: 'Hello, my name is Dan'.

let myName ="Dan";
function sayMyName(myName){
return "Hello, my name is"; 



Thank you!

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JwalyaOza (3)

@Shif . Thanks a lot ma'am now i got able to understand what exactly they were expecting me to do in this particular assignment. now i'll be able to finish it with ease thanks a lot for your guidance ma'am and if i'd get any kind of quarries in further assignments then i'll surely contact you and i hope you'll also help me... thanks a lot once again ma'am. it was pleasure.