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Site takes long to load
TaylorLiang (293)

Site takes long to load for outside users, (url). It takes around 5 min to load the entire site, and without working

redlistmaxx (2)

I have also been unable to get anything to run.

TaylorLiang (293)

@redlistmaxx is it html or something else like python

AdamGeisen (2)

@redlistmaxx I just posted the same issue. And tweeted with no response. Just looking for some info...

AdCharity (616)

nice you're using scaledrone too

AdCharity (616)

Bruh it probably takes a while to load cause of all those sound files

AdCharity (616)

@AdCharity But if it is taking a really long time to load, I recommend adding a loader to your site.
1) add a <div> with the id of a loader
2) you would use css to position a gif in the center of your site with a hella high z-index
3) use jquery to close out the gif when the site has been loaded

TaylorLiang (293)

@AdCharity This was a while ago, and by takes long to load, i mean it woudnt go to the site, even with a fast internet connection

MMarkosPro21 (1)

It DOES work fine!?!





GameMaster1928 (43)

Loads fine for me
Also stal lmao