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Site wide project

Can we have a site wide coding project? Like a game or a website. Where everybody ( if they want to ) works on a single repl.

ReplTalk (803)

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ebest (606)

That would be a realllyyyy good idea, but the problem would be that there may be trolls, deleting the work that took so long to make.

If it comes, though, I will help. As much as I can.

Zavexeon (937)

We kinda already do have a sitewide project, in a way. Some of us are working on a mobile app for replit together. More on that:

Nanowrimoijk (39)

this would create chaos. having a 24/7 repl open, with tons people going in and out of it all the time, probably wouldn't be the greatest idea. if it did work, i would be very willing to help out with it but, i'm just saying especially right now with multiplayer in beta, site-wide project would be a bad idea, unless everybody worked on it from their own repls


@Nanowrimoijk True, however if multiplayer because fixed, and if we add time limits (EX: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm), that might make it less chaotic.

Nanowrimoijk (39)

@RoylatGnail true but still, with so many people on the same live repl would probably cause problems, not to steer you away from this, i would be more then willing to participate


@Nanowrimoijk true, and the servers might have problems with a large amount of people, but it would be fun

Steven_The_GuyT (211)

@Nanowrimoijk @RoylatGnail If you set time limits, wouldn't that restrict people from other time zones? Also, this sounds like a pretty good idea, but when we actually start working on it, it's going to be super hard. How would we make a live repl where hundreds of people would participate?

Nanowrimoijk (39)

@Steven_The_GuyT it would restrict them, and i was already thinking of the hundreds of people, that kind of why i made my post in the first place. but i agree it would be fun

Steven_The_GuyT (211)

@Nanowrimoijk It would be fun, but would be super hard to create, so i haven't made up my mind yet


@Steven_The_GuyT We could have certain time limits for certain time zones

PYer (2686)

Great idea. We could have one new repl every month or so, with a persistent multiplayer session!

a5rocks (685)

Well I mean, there's a couple discord-wide projects (that only 5 or so people participate in).

Vandesm14 (2039)

That is a really cool idea! That would be super fun to work on. We could even use Polygott for multi-language systems!
If you're in the Discord, I highly recommend posting this idea there!


@Vandesm14 Using a chromebook, so I cant use discord


@Kognise Blocked for me (School computers)

eankeen (999)

Right now we don't have anything like that, but we do have a GitHub repository for people in the replit Discord. We all collaborate on those - anyone can send a pull request!