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So, I decided to make a console...
angrydoge (305)

I need some help on any new commands for my console, and how to make my makefile code have enters

if you have a suggestion pls comment

current commands

Echo("text") or echo "text"

Python <filename>


Makefile (I need help on how to make this have enters and newlines so pls halp)

I think thats it, probably missed a few

K thx bye

Oh yeah also theres


clears the system

Answered by Whacko (276) [earned 5 cycles]
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Whacko (276)

Maybe, use database to add user input for the database...

By the way, @dabombdgdzjr, I changed my name from @JavaMaster1 to @Whacko. When do you want to work on CodeHub?
angrydoge (305)

oh dang idk how to use replit database and idk. I think we both just slowly started doing talking instead of coding and then just stopped @Whacko

Whacko (276)

Not now, @dabombdgdzjr...
Maybe tomorrow.

angrydoge (305)

um can u teach me the repl login stuff u were gonna lol @Whacko

CodeLongAndPros (1536)

Xbps-install -S

angrydoge (305)

um can you explane those XD @CodeLongAndPros

angrydoge (305)

can you explain the commands and what they do @CodeLongAndPros


here are a few commands:

  • quit
  • write
  • startover
  • play again
  • choice
angrydoge (305)

what would write, startover, play again, and choice be? @RYANTADIPARTHI


@dabombdgdzjr, i guess you could do write for like making a note, or writing something they wish

play again for when they are done, they can play again.

And choice could be for give them a couple choices to do, so they could enjoy this a bit more.

angrydoge (305)

so, this is in a while true loop so i dont think play again would help, write would like be making a fiele, which
i have @RYANTADIPARTHI, but choice, thatd be like help and show u the cmds?


@dabombdgdzjr sure, that's good. Also, can you please mark my answer, thanks!

angrydoge (305)

Um, I was looking for like more than 1 I could use tho.. I wanted other people to contribute also so if noone helpful comes i will @RYANTADIPARTHI


@dabombdgdzjr ok, np! Also one more is like what, which could be like what is this all about!


@dabombdgdzjr , hey so have any others gave you good ones?
Or can you mark my answer now. It's your choice :)

angrydoge (305)

dude, im waiting the day, someone else commented but im waiting for them to explain theres @RYANTADIPARTHI