Spam Filter
Vandesm14 (690)

In order to prevent posts like these:
from flooding the channel, there needs to be some type of spam filter. What better way to get one by posting it as a Code Jam! We could work with the real repl talk data, pre-prepared of course. It would be cool to see what other people come up with. We may even fix the issue with the winner's filter!

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a5rocks (519)

If this is going to be a discord code jam, ping Zwack, or don't because I'm pretty sure he said he won't accept other people's ideas for some reason (forgot).

Vandesm14 (690)

@a5rocks This could be a code jam or just a quick site-wide challenge.

AzureScripts (150)

@a5rocks He won't accept other ideas because he's Zwack